DoubleDeckBlackjack.com is a simple website / mobile web app. Play our free double deck blackjack game powered by NetEnt software. That’s it. There’s not much more to it. Enjoy the free blackjack games!

DoubleDeckBlackjack.com is owned and operated by iGaming’s SEO guru Benjamin Ogden. AISEO.agency is Benjamin’s official search engine optimization website for customers seeking an SEO agency that’s utilizing today’s latest AI powered search engine optimization software to improve their search engine rankings.

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Ogden started building websites for the iGaming industry (online casinos) in 2001 and quickly became the industry’s leading SEO marketer from 2001 through 2012. He then took a several year hiatus/break from working on the internet in 2013 through 2016 and like the rising Phoenix returned to his search engine optimization roots in 2017 and has been developing SEO strategy and carrying out the execution for his vast network of casino gambling tutorial and informational betting guides.

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Benjamin is also an avid blackjack player and is proud to be the self proclaimed best blackjack player of all time. He even calls himself The Blackjack Goat despite what the naysayers may say about it.

When he’s not working on SEO & digital marketing or being Dad to his son and best friend then he’s probably at the casino playing blackjack at his favorite Hard Rock double deck and six deck BJ tables.

Mr. Ogden’s internet businesses have grown over the years into an impressive network of companies spanning a diverse spectrum of the internet.

He is the owner of the REPOST® trademark and social media marketing platform repost.com offering marketers automated social media marketing tools.

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